The internet is the externalized form of the shamanic mind-space

Here you will find a varied collection of resources that I have found personally important during my cyber explorations over the last 10+ years. You may find something which will be of service to you.



The Law of One books were channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. Also known as The Ra Material, the books are available as a 5 part series, and cover a paradigm-shattering amount of esoteric information which I find hard to attribute to any human source. Stream on YouTube, or download PDF versions of the books from the official L/L Research website.

Nicky Sutton

2 YouTube channels, her own spiritual development online courses, and a range of spiritual guidance consultations available, Nicky Sutton BA(Hons), Adv.DPLT, DPLT, MPLTA, is a qualified past life regression therapist and hypnosis practitioner. I have completed and highly recommend her first online course, Inner Work For Ascension, and she has just released her second course: Intuitive & Psychic Development. Are you having a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING? You’re not alone. Nicky is on a mission to spread love, and help people during and after their spiritual awakening.

A video from Nicky’s primary YouTube channel; Spiritual Awakening
A video from Nicky’s secondary YouTube channel; Guided Meditations With Nicky Sutton

Tara Nikita

Tara is an extremely talented astrological interpreter. She combines communication skills of the highest caliber with a very deep intuitive understanding of the unseen, helping people rediscover the power of their own minds to create enriching lives, and assisting them to meet the challenges that arise. As an intuitive counsellor, Tara helps people to heal by translating some of the messages from their own inner guidance systems. In October 2018, I was fortunate to work with Tara for the first time to unpack and interpret my natal chart. Catch her regular astrology updates on YouTube.

A video from Tara’s YouTube channel discussing the astrology of 2019

Barbara Oakley

Some kind of super genius; Barbara is the co-creator and teacher of Learning How To Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, the world’s most popular online course. I have personally completed the course, and it is available free on – highly recommended. Outside of the course, Barbara is a highly decorated academic and published author of many, many incredible books. Fun fact: we share the same birth date.

Barbara giving a TedX talk; Learning How To Learn

Barbara Goldsmith

Barbara has an M.B.A. from Manchester Business School, is a qualified financial advisor (CeFA, CeMAP & Cergi), and has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years. An accomplished speaker and presenter, she has hosted her own local radio show and television show, and has authored several books on Astrology and Finance. On Youtube, Barbara provides regular astrological updates and extraterrestrial channelings.

A video from Barbara’s YouTube channel in which she contacts the Pleiadians

Pam Gregory

A highly effective communicator and teacher, astrology has been a passion for Pam for 40 years. Her skills and experience make her a standout player in the astrology domain. Pam has a range of astro-education products available and regularly posts planetary updates on YouTube, interpreting the astrological energies as they pertain to our earthly experience day to day. Pam’s audiobook You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? is a staple in my personal playlist, and I have also taken her Astrology Tutorial.

A video from Pam’s YouTube channel discussing a full moon energy

Ralph Smart

A psychologist, author, counsellor, life coach, relationship guide, alchemist & infinite being: Ralph Smart is the founder of Infinite Waters, a YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers that helps people to become their greatest version. Ralph brings the peace and dives into ancient wisdom, mindset optimisation, and various aspects of the spiritual awakening process with regular uploads, being the esoteric guide you never knew you needed.

A video from Ralph’s YouTube channel; Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Victor Oddo

Spiritual awakening coach and intuitive channel; Victor has dedicated his life to helping others have a much easier time with the spiritual awakening process than what he experienced. Victor is an effective communicator and is passionate about plant medicines, rituals and retreats, kundalini yoga, meditation, regularly releasing energy updates and ascension help on his YouTube channel. I have found his videos to be some of the best going around regarding these tough topics.

A video from Victor’s YouTube channel focused on support for empaths

Aaron Doughty

Phil Good

A powerful psychic and intuitive channel that regularly works with and within the higher dimensions to bring down wisdom and guidance for the awakened and awakening. In 2011, Phil had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. The kundalini energy unlocked a multitude of past life abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy, allowing him to fast track his personal development. Phil has a YouTube channel offering a rich tapestry of spiritual guidance.

A video from Phil’s YouTube channel discussing the energy of spiritual maturity

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston is an American drummer. I found Mike for the first time on YouTube in 2008 when I started playing drums, and have been watching him ever since. Over the years since then, I have seen Mike grow his passion from the most basic of YouTube channels into a business with an online community and, offline, a training facility dedicated to drummer development camps. Mike currently runs, where he offers live and pre-recorded drum lessons. It is a personal goal of mine to attend one of Mike’s camps in Northern Cali.

A video from Mike’s YouTube channel; a short documentary on his company

Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Both wildly successful entrepreneurs, Jay and Stuart each started their own online businesses from scratch with little money, and went on to grow them into multi million dollar companies before they met and joined forces. They credit their success to great mentors who guided them to where they are today. They understand first hand how tough the path gets on your own when chasing the big dreams, and they’re passionate about helping others find the same success and mentorship they feel blessed with. After coming together, Jay and Stuart created an online training community for aspiring entrepreneurs, business and marketing students, and really anyone interested in digital business skills. I know, because I am a part of this community.

Stuart Ross

A video from Stuart’s YouTube channel discussing starting and growing an online business

Ethan & Hila Klein

The founders of h3h3Productions, an Israeli-American comedy YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers produced by the incredible husband and wife duo. Their content consists of reaction videos and sketch comedy in which they satirize internet culture. In addition to their main channel, they run a secondary vlog channel by the name of Ethan and Hila and a third channel called H3 Podcast.

A video from Ethan & Hila’s primary YouTube channel; h3h3Productions

Bob & Brad


A video from Bob & Brad’s YouTube channel on exercises to correct Forward Head Posture


A video from Dr Alan Mandell’s YouTube discussing causes of and solutions for a stiff neck


A video from Adalina’s YouTube channel MANNA – weekly sagittarius card read March 2019

Fearless Intuition

A video from the Fearless Intuition YouTube channel – Monthly Sagittarius read April 2019

Ramblin’ Mike’s Tarot

A video from Ramblin’ Mike: Sagittarius read for the first half of April 2019

Higher Self

Awakened Vibes

A video from Kristen about the Aries full moon of April 2019

Meditative Mind

Blessings and Peace all the way; soothing meditation music, healing music based on solfeggio frequencies, mantra chants and various other resources for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing. One of my most regular go-to YouTube channels, Meditative Mind seeks to help you in a positive way, and a myriad of soundscapes eagerly await your personal choice to enhance your environment.

A video from the Meditative Mind YouTube channel which includes ancient mantras


DrVirtual7 is a producer of quality audio subliminals, with a foundation of behavioural science, mental health healing and the advancement of the soul spirit mind matrix. The YouTube channel features a range of soundscapes and audio programmes for subliminal energy healing through sound, targeting a wide range of applications. Highly recommended channel. Unfortunately the channel does not permit external embeds.