How To Survive The Tower Moment

In this blog, we’re revisiting a video update from April 2013, as I began to piece together my shaky move to Sydney. Despite feeling fear, I had put together a makeshift rehearsal space and created a drum video mashup of many different styles, also sharing a personal update in my first address to viewers.


Playing drums on YouTube – April 14, 2013

Shipping Container Drum Video Mega Mix

When the plan to work with a band in Sydney went sour, I quickly switched from panic mindset to potential mindset, seeing that I was now free in a brand new city with a stable job, and went to work creating a more ideal life. I contacted a number of local storage and music practice companies to see who could provide me with a permanent space for my drums, and after a lot of knockbacks, I found what I needed, and the “shipping container” meme was born.

As soon as I was set up enough, I went straight to work on a video to showcase some playing, test the new GoPro camera and share the life update. I pulled together a short video with some of the tracks I had been messing with at the time, including;

  1. Remenissions – AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  2. These Colours Don’t Run – ARCHITECTS (UK)
  3. Down – BLINK 182
  5. Parlez-Vous Francais? – ART VS SCIENCE
  6. Indonesia – AUGUST BURNS RED
  7. Newgroove – BULB/PERIPHERY
  9. Siren Song – THE GHOST INSIDE
  10. Numbers Count For Nothing – ARCHITECTS (UK)

The space is not actually a shipping container, but it is a small storage partition within a larger storage facility. Most people were just keeping furniture and boxes here, but I was getting my hours up behind the kit almost every day thanks to the kind permission of the owner.

Red Light Syndrome

I’m not sure how it looks from the other side, but I always struggled a lot to make these videos. Before recording I would always become nervous, and I could feel the pressure to perform my best during recordings, which was debilitating rather than helpful.

Drum Video HQ, 2013

This is something I still struggle with to this day, even just to record myself speaking to a camera is a cognitive heavy lift. Red Light Syndrome is the digital age equivalent of stage fright. It’s a frustrating fear to have as a creative person that wants to share with others. For some it does seem irrational to be profoundly affected by the presence of a device, but for others we know we’re not talking to the device. We’re talking to the people that are watching, and we can feel them there even before the process unfolds.

When I was recording these videos I was having to push through a lot of fear and feelings of doubt that would come to the surface, and this update was no exception. I felt that I had a responsibility to thank so many people for supporting me and to show my face on the channel. The best way to dissolve fears is to get actively involved in combatting your limitations.


Even though it has taken some time to realise, what I did learn while creating this video is that it’s not as easy as some make it out to be. It requires a lot of self confidence to put yourself on the spot and then to put it out there for other people to see. Even though I had started to share my musical talent with many others online, it didn’t make it easier when it came time to speak my truth, and that’s something I’m still working with.

Next Time…

Next time, I put my new equipment and my expanding skill set to the test with an Architects classic: Numbers Count For Nothing. Blast beats, insane fills and stick tricks on deck.

If you’re after more drums, head to my YouTube. If you’re after photography, try my Instagram. I’d love to answer any questions you have or give you some tips. If you would like to contact me, use the contact form or find me on the social platform of your choice – all my social links are at the bottom of the page. If you’d like some free training on digital business skills, ask me about SFM or click here.

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