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In this blog, we’re revisiting my drum cover of Numbers Count For Nothing by Architects (UK), and find out how easy it can be to ignore your mental health. If you would like a free numerology reading, click here.


I better crunch the numbers

Challenges Of Hollow Crown

My favourite feeling behind the kit is the first few times you nail a part which took you some time to bring together. It’s the feeling of repeatedly reaching beyond the edge of your abilities, and pulling in progress from the unknown. This track challenged me to play a whole song at my highest of available levels, but the grind was worth it.

At the start of the song there are really short blast beat sections which I chose to share between both hands, to keep it even. I made sure to get all of the drum fills accurate throughout the song, and at 2:24, I attempted to create some stick trick history by putting down one stick mid-song and swapping the other between hands. If you have seen this done elsewhere please notify me immediately!

If you are a drummer and specifically if you are a drummer interested in hardcore, or whatever they’re calling it these days, I can highly, highly recommend Hollow Crown as an album for inspiration. Learn some parts and see what it will do for your playing.

A Holden Astra, A JB HiFi, Solitude

At the beginning of 2013 my life couldn’t have been poised more perfectly. I was mobile with a new car, in a new city, with a new income. I had a new environment and had set myself up to live based around my ideal lifestyle habits. By the end of 2013, I was at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, suffering badly with my own mental health in the midst of stretching myself too thin and not having any of the support I felt that I needed.

JB Hi Fi Warringah Mall, Brookvale

After growing up with 3 younger siblings, this was the first time I moved away from them and from my family. In quite a short time I had suddenly decided to leave home and commit to my new path, but by the time I thought about any of this, I was already living in Sydney. I didn’t make friends at work and I shared an apartment with an older guy who kept to himself. My spare time went on social medias, YouTube, drums, and kicking around the northern beaches.

I didn’t really feel amazing living my new life. The majority of my hours were spent sitting at a screen in an office, struggling to stay on task. This left me so exhausted by the end of the day that I often went to bed when I got home. My eating and sleeping habits struggled to keep up with the routine. I kept myself so busy I didn’t realise that I was unhappy until months had passed, by which time everything was in such a routine I didn’t know what I could do.

Hermit After Work And Every Weekend

I was doing what I had come to do, and I had come to play drums. But I was working from 7 until 4 every weekday for JB Hi-Fi. I was the office administrator, we’re in before everyone else and leave before everyone else in the team as well. After work, it was usually time to practice drums. On the weekends, I planned out each day with food and breaks, and I played drums. I used all of my spare time to invest into my own skills, usually playing drums, finding information on YouTube, or occasionally playing ps3, but rarely socialising.

The Hermit – Personal Tarot Reading, Jan 2019

Suddenly it seemed, I was burned out. Long weeks handling uninspiring data, balancing books and actioning emails, hours of drums with no support network. No real connection with people. In 2013 I was 20 years old and I learned what depression was really like. Depression is not a joke and I can still feel the weight of those heavy emotions to this day. I couldn’t be upset with anyone either as I chose everything on my own path. I felt the responsibility. I knew there were countless others less fortunate than me, maybe more skilled, more driven. I had each thing I asked for, but I wasn’t fulfilled, I was the opposite. I was ready to pack it all in. Why?

Within my juvenile psyche; I wanted to be the best, I wanted to flatten competition and beat other people. I wanted to be proclaimed as incredible by the idols. The issue is that I wasn’t giving anything of value to others. I wasn’t being creative with my skills, I was just showing them off. I wasn’t lifting others up with my knowledge. I wasn’t truly sharing myself. I wasn’t speaking my truth. If you set out to achieve only for yourself, it takes a lot of effort to get to the top, because nobody really wants you to be there. I didn’t know who I was playing drums for anymore.

Numbers Count For Nothing

Next Time…

Next time, we look back at the SilverFox Ridiculous Stick Trick contest on YouTube. I win second place and come away with some free stuff for the second time since starting out on YouTube! See my entry here.

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