How To Raise It Up

In this blog, we’re reviewing a special video from my YouTube channel based on music from Florence + The Machine. This was an unusual choice compared with the usual song selections, and on top of that, I had the inspiration to combine 2 separate drum tracks into a duet with myself to create the final […]

Can You Feel My Heart?

In this blog, we take a look at my most successful YouTube video. What factors are at play here? At the time of recording, I was very stressed with my life situation and putting a lot of pressure on myself to produce videos, after moving to Sydney for the sole purpose of playing in a […]

Free Numerology Reading

In this blog, we’re revisiting my drum cover of Numbers Count For Nothing by Architects (UK), and find out how easy it can be to ignore your mental health. If you would like a free numerology reading, click here. Source: Challenges Of Hollow Crown My favourite feeling behind the kit is the first few […]

Subconscious Synchronicity In Sydney City

In this blog, we’re watching my former self play through Metamorphosis, another piece by Northlane. I’ll tell you how I came to move to Sydney chasing after the new dream, and explain some tips for surviving a real metamorphosis. Source: From Adelaide To Sydney, Perfect Timing In 2012 there was a very different and […]

How To Break In Your New Drum Kit

In this blog, we see and experience the new kit I won for the first time, with some classic Blink 182. I’ll tell you why this video seems a bit different from the first few, and share some thoughts on the kit! Source: The New Drums Arrive From USA After receiving notification that […]