εὐδαιμονία – self portrait, February 2018

My Story

What’s up <human> I’m Alex Pepper; a sun/moon Sagittarius born 1992 in South Australia. I am very focused, but I’m still figuring out what I wanna focus on lol

I didn’t finish school and I never opted to attend traditional tertiary education, but I have spent hundreds of hours educating myself with the endless resources available online. I love to research, and my MacBook (below) has served as my weapon of choice for many years. I have many creative and academic interests, and I am passionate about music, art, and telling the truth.

MacBook X aetheric light time lapse – July 2016

I have worked a list of different jobs as long as my arm, spending days on end with my passions on the back burner while I listened to everyone but myself and committed to working in a “real” and/or “normal” job, but deep down, I always knew I was stealing years from the success waiting for me in my true calling.


As creatives, it can be difficult finding a way to let our natural talents and abilities be our calling card in a way which feels true to who we really are. Creative, intuitive and unconventional types are literally wired to create anew – to collect and transmute what we experience during life into unique personal expressions. These “expressions” are anything from visual art, to music, and even to lifestyle choices, including career.

In this new digital age, I believe each has the opportunity to share unique talents and perspectives, enhancing and enriching the lives of those who seek to follow the same path of openness. We rise by lifting others.

Playing drums for YouTube from a storage facility in Sydney, Australia – April 2013

I have felt the struggles first hand, the internal pull between the world of free expression and the daily cycle of the mundane. You want to create with your intrinsic value, your passion, but you need to generate income to pay the bills. The two can’t be married, can they? This internal conflict has at times been overpowering and disheartening, and often we find it easier to submit to defeat, but I am out here to show you that your vision is completely possible, and probably even waiting for you to show up.

If you are seeking to shift your lifestyle into one which honours your creativity, you are in the right place. This site was created with the intention of helping you begin to understand the true potential we all have online in the age of Aquarius.

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