Meditation & Flow State

In this blog, we’re looking at video 14 of my 90 day livestream journey. Today was Sunday and I started the day with a great meditation followed by a jungley walk and some study.

90 Day Video Journey II

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☥ Day 14/90: Sunday – Meditation & Flow State // August 18 2019 ☥


Immersive Meditation

Personally when I meditate immediately after waking up I get the best experience. Not only is it a gentle and appropriate way to shift your state from unconscious to conscious, but the benefits of using this lowered brain function in your visualisation is hard to beat.

The awareness takes time to fully come back into the body after sleep, leaving the first hour of the day to feel 50% dream-like and 50% awake-like, especially if you consciously focus on relaxation. In other words, it’s like consciously tapping back into your dream-state but with a conscious awareness.

Flow State

Back onto goal setting and productivity as usual.. Today I was given a cool diagram that depicts the relationship between skill and challenge. In a nutshell:

  • If we are less skilled at something and presented with a challenge, we become anxious
  • If we are most skilled at something and presented with no challenge, we become bored
  • If we are presented with a formidable but appropriate challenge, somewhere near the top of our skill level in a particular area, this is the sweet spot

The concept puts anxiety and boredom as opposites which I can totally relate with. Check today’s video to see the diagram.

Watch the video below.

☥ Day 14/90: Sunday – Meditation & Flow State // August 18 2019 ☥

See you tomorrow.

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